Zest aims to decode cryptocurrencies for the everyday consumer, making the safest form of monetary transactions feel even safer. Rudimentary computer skills and common sense is all it takes to use Zest’s proprietary approach to Dedicated Masternodes. Each Dedicated Masternode Pool is built on the principles of altruism and giving back to the global community, establishing Zest as the world’s first cryptocurrency designed for cyclical good. Whether it’s providing support down the block or across country borders, each fund will give back to global initiatives across five key pillars to create value for both Zest members and the causes they believe in.

Fund Your ZEST Masternode Share

The statistics below are based on a 100% funded masternode (2500 ZEST Required)!

Day | Masternode Income

0.00039586 BTC
18.8686 ZEST

Week | Masternode Income

0.00277104 BTC
132.0802 ZEST

Month | Masternode Income

0.01187590 BTC
566.0580 ZEST

Year | Masternode Income

0.14449008 BTC
6,887.0390 ZEST
Once you have done your deposit - transfer your investment amount to this masternode: ZEST Masternode

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