Fund Your SCRIV Masternode Share Coin Info Exchanges

Day | Masternode Income (100000 Coins Required)

78.5694 SCRIV

Week | Masternode Income (100000 Coins Required)

549.9858 SCRIV

Month | Masternode Income (100000 Coins Required)

2,357.0820 SCRIV

Year | Masternode Income (100000 Coins Required)

28,677.8310 SCRIV

Once you have done your deposit - transfer your investment amount to this masternode: SCRIV Masternode

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SCRIV is the native coin of the SCRIV Network ecosystem. SCRIV will be attributed to a variety of functions in the Data Assurance service based on it’s own blockchain. Also, this cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method for products like our own StackOfStake masternode service and our Universal Miner mining software, along with other services. We are building strong partnerships with other exciting projects, which allows them to integrate and use SCRIV as their payment method also.