Fund Your PAWS Masternode Share Coin Info Exchanges

Day | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

6.2316 PAWS

Week | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

43.6212 PAWS

Month | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

186.9480 PAWS

Year | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

2,274.5340 PAWS

Once you have done your deposit - transfer your investment amount to this masternode: PAWS Masternode

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The vision of PAWS is to unite pet owners and animal lovers to work together to create a better standard of living for all pets, animals, and wildlife. Pet Animal Wildlife Society(PAWS) is also focused on providing a transparent, public ledger for transactions and donations by utilizing blockchain technology. Through its own cryptocurrency, PAWS, instantaneous payments and transactions are able to be made anywhere in the world, as long as there is access to the internet. One of many goals is to see PAWS as a well-adopted form of simple payment that enables people take better care of their pets, donate towards animal causes, charities, and wildlife organizations.