Fund Your XLQ Masternode Share Coin Info Exchanges

Day | Masternode Income (10000 Coins Required)

3.0618 XLQ

Week | Masternode Income (10000 Coins Required)

21.4326 XLQ

Month | Masternode Income (10000 Coins Required)

91.8540 XLQ

Year | Masternode Income (10000 Coins Required)

1,117.5570 XLQ

Once you have done your deposit - transfer your investment amount to this masternode username: XLQ Masternode

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The ALQO Blockchain is an open, accessible and secure peer-to-peer digital currency network for sending money instantly around the world, storing economic value, and paying for goods and services in a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way. ALQO uses an advanced Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that comes with built-in security assurances to keep its distributed network resilient against malicious attacks.