Fund Your 1X2 Masternode Share Coin Info Exchanges

Day | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

8.4679 1X2

Week | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

59.2753 1X2

Month | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

254.0370 1X2

Year | Masternode Income (1000 Coins Required)

3,090.7835 1X2

Once you have done your deposit - transfer your investment amount to this masternode username: 1X2 Masternode

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Sports betting makes up 30 to 40 percent of the total global gambling market. The size of the online global gambling segment was estimated around $37.9bn USD in 2017, and is constantly on the rise. The main goals of 1X2 Coin are to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners, the development of worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, and for the rapid transfer of funds and payments within our platform. The affiliation of all good sports books sites in the market. Our future plan is to develop our own crypto enabled sports book site which will have a strong presence in this multi billion dollar industry.